legal professional suspended 5 years for ‘lackadaisical’ behavior that precipitated client to lose case

singapore – as a result of his attorney’s “state of no activity and lackadaisical conduct”, what ought to have been a court docket victory for a taxi driver who become injured in an coincidence turned into a complete defeat.

the attorney, mr ooi oon tat, who become known as to the bar in 1989, had did not offer positive files asked by the opposing aspect, which in the end led to his customer’s lawsuit being struck out.

on friday (july 1), mr ooi became suspended for 5 years for his misconduct.

in postponing him, the courtroom of three judges, led by leader justice sundaresh menon, stated this changed into a deplorable case of a attorney who became in “grave dereliction of duty to his client”.

the court docket said mr ooi successfully destroyed his customer’s reason of action by way of failing to behave on his customer’s commands and to offer the documents and failing to make right any of the loss suffered through his consumer.

the customer, cabby lim see meng, had sued the driving force of a vehicle that crashed into the rear of his taxi in 2012 for inflicting him to suffer chest soreness and pain in the neck and ribs.

in november 2015, mr lim succeeded in obtaining an interlocutory judgment in which the defendant generic full responsibility for the coincidence.

the quantum of damages were to be assessed at a later listening to.

in june 2016, the defendant, mr chong chun siong, sought positive files from mr lim.

mr lim provided a few files to mr ooi and reminded him by means of email to expedite the problem.

but mr ooi did not send out the ones documents to mr chong’s attorneys, even after his opposite numbers received a courtroom order for him to achieve this.

in january 2017, dissatisfied with how mr ooi become dealing with the healthy, mr lim got every other attorney to take over the case.

he then determined out that the healthy were struck out.

mr lim then sued mr ooi for expert negligence.

in september last 12 months, mr ooi turned into observed susceptible to mr lim for damages of nearly $seventy three,000 and costs of $15,000. he has yet to pay the sums.

mr lim additionally lodged a criticism with the regulation society against mr ooi.

in december final 12 months, a disciplinary tribunal discovered mr ooi responsible of three misconduct expenses.

the tribunal stated mr ooi’s “inactiveness and lackadaisical conduct” delivered dishonour to the career.

on friday, the regulation society, represented by means of mr adrian wong, brought the case before the court, which has the electricity to suspend or disbar lawyers.

mr ooi pleaded with it to impose a nice alternatively.

the court docket stated: “the thought that a pleasant might be an appropriate sanction in this situation reflected an utter failure on the respondent’s part to acknowledge the gravity of the misconduct on his part, and for that matter of the degree of harm he had precipitated his very own purchaser.”

the court mentioned that mr ooi has an antecedent for having did not deposit client monies into the proper account.

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