karlsruhe institute of technology: coloured facades increase attractiveness

the constructing material wooden is deeply anchored within the memory of severa cultural landscapes. a observe by means of the karlsruhe institute of technology (package) now indicates how an awful lot destiny constructing with timber will open up. it examines how wood creation can return to the metropolis from a constructing lifestyle, structural engineering and design point of view. in step with the thesis, greater colour is the key to more recognition. the reference venture for the study is the “vinzent” residential and office constructing in munich’s neuhausen district, which has been designed with colored, inexperienced wooden facades.

the examine “colored timber facades in an city context” commissioned and financed by way of the project developer bauwerk, executed on the professorship for design and building creation at kit, identifies three megatrends, among others, which are riding the brand new wood construction increase: timber rankings points inside the “ecology and surroundings” megatrend its herbal co2 and electricity stability, excessive circularity, emission reductions and a relatively excellent availability. with reference to “mechanization and digitization”, wooden production is experiencing big further development, as an example thru the coupling of the layout manner (cad) and the producing technique (cnc) as well as new opportunities for floor processing.

ultimately, inside the 0.33 megatrend, “developing living area”, wood proves to be advanced to different building substances in that it may frequently be prefabricated in a modular way and set up for that reason efficiently – as an example inside the case of densification of present quarters. “precisely because timber construction is taking over increasingly space in the modern social discourse, it has to reinvent itself in its expression as a way to be able to count on and keep a new position, in particular within the city,” emphasizes professor ludwig wappner from the institute for layout and constructing technology (ieb). of the package. “we consider that this have to be performed on the basis of the design capacity of cloth honesty, the contemporary manufacturing options and building tradition continuities.”

colorfulness pleases the attention and protects the timber

in step with the architects and researchers at package, this go back of wooden as a constructing fabric to urbanity is linked to technical understanding and aesthetic laws from the pre-concrete and pre-steel instances, however does not mean a renaissance of village or small-city half-timbered idylls. in reality, the urban making plans requirements of the present input into completely new connections with the optimistic logic of wood construction. the focal point of the ebook, that’s geared toward planners, the ones willing to construct and renovate as well as interested laypeople, is the wooden façade. the authors describe the exchange from rod-formed to flat constructing elements and plead for plywood surfaces and stacked boards (e.g. inside the form of cladding), for optimistic, i.e. non-chemical wooden safety,

“shade is the doorway price tag for timber construction into the city,” says architect dr. falk schneemann from ieb, next to ludwig wappner and peter hoffmann, ieb, 0.33 creator of the look at. “color creates acceptance and enables the contextual integration of timber buildings into mounted city districts.” similarly, current, non-hazardous coloured glazes shield the wooden from dangerous environmental impacts inclusive of exhaust fumes, uv radiation or fungi.

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