comparative test outcomes prove unique performance of orion’s trh technology

orion scientific and dr. andreas schwitalla, professor of the charité-universitätsmedizin berlin, cooperate in the validation of orion’s thermal radiation heating (trh) generation for 3d printed peek in dental programs.

new manufacturing strategies together with 3d printing of peek implants should be able to examine with the standard technologies of moulding and milling. most effective if consequences can be achieved that get up to direct assessment in a reproducible manner, an emerging generation along with 3d printing of peek filaments may be used as a confirmed, tremendous opportunity in medical generation.

trh – subsequent stage technology for 3d printed peek in medtech programs

the key advantage of orion medical’s additive production era is its thermal radiation heating (trh) system, which permits 3d printing of medical gadgets with injection moulded power and almost a hundred% density.

handiest if the producing approach is confirmed, 3d printing of polymer implants make experience, each in patient-particular programs and in industrially scalable portions.

in an instantaneous assessment of different manufacturing tactics, the engineers of orion medical, together with the substances professionals and clinicians of charité universitätsmedizin berlin under the direction of prof. dr. andreas schwitalla, confronted the demanding situations that biomechanics dictates to manufacturers of dental implants.

“when evaluating distinctive printing structures, the m-one hundred fifty collection from orion scientific emerged as our favorite 3d printing system for medical devices, mainly in phrases of density and mechanical electricity in all three instructions. with the cutting-edge modifications and the improvement of their trh technology, orion controlled to qualify its printer for medical era programs”, explains prof. schwitalla. “now we will benefit from those changes in our in addition layout and improvement efforts of polymeric or hybrid dental implant programs.”

m-150 printer to be certified for orthopaedic applications

some other m-a hundred and fifty printer can be delivered within the next weeks to fh kärnten, austria: together with an iso and mdr certified implant manufacturer prof. spintzyk will qualify the medical printer for its use with orthopaedic implants.

with thermal radiation, the heat penetrates the cloth in order that the layers definitely fuse together. “the end result of trh are components or additives with specific uniform electricity, better density, and stability. orion’s era solves the anisotropic nature of fff 3d printing, even for difficult-to-print implantable-grade substances like peek, ppsu and different high overall performance polymers. this outcomes in absolutely isotropic properties certified for lengthy-time period implantation”, explains christoph koslowski, dealing with accomplice, orion clinical.

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