british army’s twitter, youtube debts hacked to sell nfts, cryptocurrency

the british army’s twitter and youtube bills were hacked and started out publicly shilling non-fungible tokens (nfts) on sunday (united kingdom time).

the twitter account commenced retweeting some of posts promoting nfts on its timeline, after swapping out its biography and profile image to make it seem there has been an association with the possessed nft series.

the account’s pinned tweet connected users to a fake nft minting website, in keeping with the verge.

in the meantime, the navy’s youtube account changed into renamed ark funding, which shared motion pictures about cryptocurrencies.

the issue changed into finally resolved and the military regained manage of the money owed.

“the breach of the navy’s twitter and youtube bills that came about in advance these days has been resolved and an investigation is underway,” the united kingdom ministry of defence wrote on twitter.

“the navy takes records safety extremely seriously and till their investigation is whole it might be beside the point to comment further.”
unsurprisingly, the information brought on some mirth on social media.

“british military popular: ‘we need to construct an army that could face russia’. british army twitter and youtube: hacked for eth and nfts,” one wrote.

“like it while our military’s twitter receives hacked. can not watch for them to announce the ‘british army victory rerun world tour’,” wrote another.

but, a few users talked about that perhaps there was a more severe side to the hacking.

“adequate the british navy getting their socials hacked via crypto clowns is pretty humorous,” one wrote.

“but however it indicates how unprepared our defence forces are in phrases of cybersecurity which is specifically regarding in our virtual age.”

every other cautioned the military had to spend more money on cybersecurity, suggesting it become “now not a very good appearance”.

a third changed into greater succinct. “those people are chargeable for nukes,” they wrote.

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